Monday, November 12, 2012

Voter Fraud

I have seen quite a bit in conservative news, blogs, Twitter, etc. about the possibility of voter fraud last Tuesday.  Quite frankly, I said this election night! How is it that thousands of people showed up for Mitt at rallies in the "swing states" and only hundreds showed up for Obama and Mitt lost? How is it that polls had Mitt several points ahead of Obama yet Mitt lost?
I just saw another video from Philadelphia that once again tells the tale that it didn't matter (and still doesn't) what the law says, liberals will do as they want! There are reports where 130% of the voters cast their ballots in one county in Colorado and 108% in Ohio. The voting process itself is an opportunity for fraud.  These voting machines can be stolen, hacked, etc. How is that one machine would say "Obama" when the voter entered "Romney"? No one, well not enough anyway, is asking why.  We should be screaming about this!

It is just not sour grapes with me about the presidential election either.  I noticed this trend in our state election too.  I simply cannot believe that, for the first time in decades, Californians approved Proposition 30 increasing their taxes! And for what? California assemblypersons and senators have shown absolutely no fiscal restraint; have not reduced their spending and, in fact, have increased it.  Now our fine governor (not) wants to build a bullet train that no one will use! Where is this money coming from, pray tell? I simply cannot believe that California voters approved it. I swear that California is the role model for Washington's bad business practices!

What to do? Join Black Box Voting, first of all. Read all the news; download the tool kit.  I intend to update mine. We simply have to stop sitting around complaining about this voter fraud and do what it takes to make sure our votes really count.  Watch the videos on the site too. Remember this: during the American Revolution, it was a small minority of the population that made things happen. Most of the citizens either didn't know what was going on or were horrified that this "radical" group was taking action against the king of England.  Read this again:  a small minority!  If you think about it, a small minority is still making things happen and we need to push back on them with our own!

Notices of massive layoffs have been written about in the last few days.  Many of our military are not happy either.  What is going to happen to those men and women when they are sent home? There will be no jobs for them!  I hate to say this but I can see an unemployment rate of 25% coming in our near future.  The point - sorry I got sidetracked - is that these unemployed and military personnel and those of us who want our republic back need to make ourselves heard.  Those of us who want to see government run according to our U. S. Constitution better be the ones starting any "revolution". No, I don't mean war, please.  The thing that I do fear is that with the anger and disbelief at what is and will be happening, there are those who WILL want a war and worse, those revolutionists may not be interested in a republic. 

Get informed and start doing what needs to be done.  First of all, pray for God's wisdom and direction. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sad Day in America and Brentwood

I haven't posted here as much as I would like but feel the need to do so more often now. Yesterday, America began its transformation into a socialist state completely. Oh, to be sure, we were heading that way for decades but it was clear to me that at least 50% of Americans prefer a "nanny state" government rather than take personal responsibility.
The vitriol during this election cycle was beyond the pale. Rather than set forth a true campaign platform, both sides and their PAC's just threw mud and worse. We had no clear information as to what Mitt and/or Obama planned to do to make America better.  Oh, we know what Obama wants to do since we have seen four years of it already but what did Mitt offer?  Not much in the way of true difference.  The problem with Republicans is that if there is any conservatism in the party, it is truly by accident.
There is little difference between the parties and it has been that way for decades.  True conservatism is not evidenced by the Republican party leaders  There are far too many "neo-cons" running the party and, as long as this continues, true conservatives are going to shy away from supporting wholeheartedly ANY person running with an "R" by his/her name. Mitt is a perfect example of a moderate Republican. When he was governor of Massachusetts, he put together his own state health care program and his "promise" to repeal "Obamacare" didn't ring true for me.  He would have definitely CHANGED it but we would still have some form of it. That is my opinion.
The U.S. is now a laughing stock and I believe all but Israel are thrilled about Obama being re-elected. Iran will grow as a more dangerous force in the Middle East - count on it. Israel's hand may be forced to take military action to protect itself. Europe and Great Britain are also perfect examples of where we will be economically and soon! With our military strength at bare bones, we are so vulnerable not to mention the social engineering taking place within the military. We still don't know the total effect of that.
But we were offered no real solutions except the same old/same old. True conservatives don't want war; we want military strength to protect our borders. There is a big difference between what the neo-cons want and what conservatives want. Ron Paul was accused of being an isolationist and that was just a flat-out lie. He proposed not buying our friendship with foreign aid but rather supporting those nations who are our friends and ACT like they are our friends.  And "support" doesn't mean money! All that foreign aid has done is line the pockets of those in top places of foreign governments. The citizens have seen a rare nickel of it. What makes this "aid" worse is that we have to borrow money in order to send the aid.  The biggest point he made about our foreign policy is that everything about is unconstitutional. We have no business having military bases in other countries. If we do, then why are there not foreign military bases in the U.S.? What gives us the right to be there? None!
We are in real trouble here.  I fear for our nation and especially for my children and grandchildren. My grandchildren will be asking themselves what in the heck happened to the United States that is portrayed in the "old" history books? How come when I work, all but 25% of my income is mine? How come I can't get decent health care? A decent education? I pray to God that He will step in but unless those of us who call Him Lord change our ways, I fear He will not.
We simply cannot thumb our noses at His Word and expect to be blessed any more.  We can't weaken the Gospel and only obey those commandments that we like. By taking God out of the public square, we have certainly let Him know that we, as a nation, want nothing to do with Him. God is a Gentleman and will not force Himself on us. He respects our will. We have chosen to ignore Him and to punish those who still love and worship Him by ridicule, disrespect and downright hatred.
Finally, I believe that our entire system of voting has been compromised and we will probably never know the entire extent of the voter fraud that was perpetrated yesterday all the way from local elections to the Presidential election.  I am laying blame on the Democrats or the Republicans for this. Both parties are to blame and have had a hand in it.  I believe that we will learn of many incidents across the nation where votes were either not counted or over-counted; voting machines were tampered with either manually or via technology; and that some registered voters were not legitimate ones, i.e. illegal citizens, felons or dead.
But hey, we still get our freebies, right? That is what counts! God help us.