Thursday, May 31, 2012

Have you heard?

Have you heard about Obama's Fast and Furious Scandal where the Executive Branch has been found to have used our tax monies and several federal law enforcement agencies to buy and provide assault rifles to the Mexican drug cartels importing all the illegal aliens and drugs into America? I know that conservative bloggers and news sources are reporting it but isn't it strange the mainstream media have barely told their viewers/listeners much at all.  
What is amazing is that people DIED during this fiasco! Two Americans and hundreds of Mexican citizens. Mexico should be outraged at our government.  
What is scandalizing is that our Attorney General has refused to cooperate with Senator Issa and even lied under oath? Where is the news about that? Eric Holder does not uphold the law but only those things that are important to him and his boss. I am so tired of this corrupt government....not just federal but all the way down to municipal!

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