Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Rich?

I keep hearing about the 'fiscal cliff" and the dire predictions of economic doom in the mainstream media. Even Fox is spouting it to a certain point. Republicans who pledged to not raise taxes are now considering to disavow their pledge. Maybe they should and here's why: I agree with some of the conservative pundits that say the Democrats should get their way and when the economy tanks, it will clearly be their fault not the Republicans. No matter what is done, we are going over the cliff anyway. Obama and his followers don't seem to understand that without a budget and spending what you don't have, you face bankruptcy.

As you and I know, if we did this kind of spending on credit, we would have to file bankruptcy at some point. Either that or have the "repo" man come and get our stuff. Right? So why does government think it is somehow immune to simple economics?  Here is the other thing that is puzzling to me: Obama seems to think the "rich" are those who make an annual income over $250,000.  I personally know a few people who earn over $250,000 a year and, you know what, they are not rich!  Now if we were talking about true millionaires - you know they actually make a million dollars a year, that could be considered "rich".

The thing is that the people I know own and operate small businesses. Although they may make over $250,000 a year, they work like dogs, pay for their own medical insurance, buy all their supplies and in some cases, hire employees.  The dollars they take home go to pay their mortgage, buy groceries for their family, pay utilities, etc. and they don't have a lot left over. They do not live like the truly wealthy at all. You know what I mean....those who have 25,000 square feet (or more) homes, full-time household staff, multi-car garages (I mean more than 3 too), do not drive their expensive vehicles but are driven. Now, to me, that is rich. That is wealthy.

The sad thing is that liberals think by raising their taxes, it is going to do something for the economy. Obama's "plan" predicts that in 10 YEARS it might lower the national debt by 1.6 trillion dollars.  Ten years? What if China calls in their loans? What if some other catastrophic national disaster happens? There are all kinds of "what if" scenarios and the truth is that if you taxed the truly wealthy 100%, they would still be wealthy and our economic troubles would remain.

What the liberals refuse to see is that we MUST reduce spending! None of this "talk" going around (and nothing is promised, mind you) doesn't truly reduce spending. Paul Ryan's budget was a start and Senator Rand Paul has some great ideas too. But those who are the recipients of entitlements from the government don't even want to hear about any reduction of their benefits. Sadly, they are the same folks who re-elected the One as president.  Since the Democrats hit the White House, Congress and Senate (2009) spending has been out of control. Entitlements have mushroomed and these same folks want you to come and get YOUR freebies too!  Yes, I know that George W. Bush and his bunch spent money like drunk sailors too but he is not the cause of where we are today.

Okay, let us tax the truly wealthy - I can go with that.  But, let's hear about realistic spending cuts too. Obama and friends want to raise taxes and don't want to even give one specific about how they will reduce spending.  "We'll get to that later."  Well, I hope to God that the Republicans don't fall for that. Just as in personal relationships, when we've been burned and the olive branch is extended, we should be very wary of accepting it when there is no definition of what that person is going to do differently.  What are the Democrats going to do differently? Nothing, as far as I can tell. At least, they don't want to say and my guess is that they not only are not saying but they don't intend to cut spending at all!

Here is another thing and my fellow Brentwood citizens, pay attention to this: my grandson, on the night of the election, told me what a bad person Mitt Romney is.  "He only helps rich people, Grandma." Now, I know his parents well enough to say that they didn't tell him that.  I would bet he got it from school; either from his friends and/or teachers. I wish I had been quick enough to tell him that if taxes are raised, it will affect his family directly since his dad is a small businessman.  They already pay an enormous amount in state and federal taxes.  It'll only get worse for them.  God help us all!

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