Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Innocent Life?

Well, all day I have seen the hysteria and drama of the One's photo op-ed tomorrow with the children. He will be presenting his 19-point gun control plan, he says.  No more killing of innocent lives. Really? Is he kidding us or what?
What about the unborn children that are murdered every day - 1 every 94 minutes (or is it seconds?). How do you justify gun control, Mr. Obama, and yet promote abortion? This is just a ploy to disarm Americans and then God knows what you'd do after that. 
I was horrified at what happened at Sandy Hook, the theater in Colorado, etc. and many others over the years. Yet nothing would have kept this from happening! Criminals are right this minute murdering innocent citizens with guns they bought on the street. Those who buy from a gun store aren't looking to murder anybody. I don't know what the percentages are but I would bet that a gun owner is safer than most drivers around here!  Oh, I could pitch that we need to protect our homes and our families and also pitch that hunters should have guns, etc. But, here's the thing: the 2nd Amendment was placed in the Bill of Rights so we as citizens cannot be tyrannized by our government. Read it - nothing in there about hunting, right?  Our forefathers knew quite well how government can run roughshod over its citizens and impose its will on us. The British were literally days from imposing their own gun control prior to the Revolution. 
I have learned a lot here in recent days and bottom line is that no gun walks into a school or a theater and starts killing people. Guns don't have legs or arms.  Guns don't think.  The killers are the shooters not the guns.  It is sort of like reading our local Cop Logs here where the writer describes that a vehicle hits a utility pole.  Now you and I both know the vehicle didn't drive by itself, right? The same thing applies to guns! 
My biggest objection to all of this is how two-faced and hypocritical the Democrats are. They want to apply onerous laws to those citizens who have and/or want to own a gun to "save the children" (gag me) yet they refuse to do one thing or lift one finger to save an unborn child from its own mother killing it.  The next biggest objection is that Mr. O is not a king or a prince.  If he pulls one of those Executive Order things with this, I will be writing all of Congress to impeach him.  He has done far too many things using his Executive Orders and I am furious that Congress has done nothing to challenge him on it!  They get up and spout fine speeches yet do absolutely nothing. 
I don't personally own a gun but I don't want my right to own one infringed upon either.  Folks, we are coming to a crossroads and Americans have to choose:  Constitution or Obama?
God help us.

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