Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hating Hate

Have you noticed that the word "hate" is bandied about more and more these days? Usually, hate is an accusation when one person disagrees with another. Instead of having a reasonable, sensible, well-thought-out points to one's beliefs, the reaction is "well, you are just a hater and haters gotta hate".
This is the most ridiculous logic I have seen in my entire life!  We are all entitled to our own opinions. You don't have to believe as I do and the reverse is true as well. That doesn't make us haters, bigots, racists, homophobes, etc. (you get the picture, I am sure).  How is my opinion hate? If I have expressed it, and not called you names or disrespected your viewpoint because you believe differently, why can we not have a discussion stating the points we believe support our opinion? Or, if all else fails, why can not just agree to disagree?
It is not logical to believe that everyone is going to feel the same way about different issues. We come to the table with our own life experiences, our own core beliefs on how we want to live - right? Based on that, there are definitely going to be differences in how we see things and what we believe. I don't hate someone who believes differently - not at all.  
What I DO hate is the name-calling, the use of vile language directed at me, the raising of the voice with the name-calling and language. I feel battered and abused and I know that any further rational discussion isn't going to happen.  How can we learn from each other if we are so rigid in our belief systems that we refuse to hear anything slightly different?
I have seen tweets on Twitter that are perfectly innocent...say a statistic on crime. No mention of race, age, sexual orientation - none. Within a few tweets that person who came up with the statistic will be accused of being a racist and in the instance I remember, the tweeter was Native American and accused the original tweeter of being a racist. It is mind-boggling. I couldn't believe my in the heck did a statistic with no percentages of who does what become a slur against Native Americans? How did the tweeter become a hater by reporting the statistics? See what I mean?  Logic is just lost here and I see it all the time across the internet:  Facebook, Twitter, blog comments, TV and radio talk shows.
Why do we all have this huge chip on our shoulder and LOOK for a reason to be offended? Can we remove the chip please?

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