Monday, March 25, 2013

Open Letter to my Senator

I am appalled at what my U. S. Senator has been trying to pull with gun legislation. Just what are they trying to do to our Constitution? I wrote the following letter to Senator Feinstein, who, unfortunately, is my U. S. Senator along with Barbara Boxer.  Senator Feinstein got quite angry and upset with Senator Cruz when he pointed out certain provisions in the U. S. Consitution saying he "lectured" her. Well, she obviously needed to be and she still does!  Here is what I wrote to her:

"Dear Senator, I am quite familiar with your opinions about guns. I am one of your constituents and I am appalled that you fail to see that removing guns from the hands of citizens is constitutional. Yes, I know you don't like lectures on the constitution but I suggest you read it, Senator! Please take a moment and consider the statistics of cities and other nations who have taken guns out of the hands of its citizens. The murder, rape and robbery statistics have skyrocketed and are still doing so. Consider the city of Oakland! Oakland has banned guns yet there are murders just about every day. Why? Because criminals could care less about the law; that is what makes them criminals! Taking guns out of your citizens will not, I repeat NOT, take them out of the hands of the criminals. And, what next? What other protections of the Constitution will you take from us? Remember, you work for the voter not the other way around. I know you will answer that you don't agree with me but I would be remiss in not letting you know how I feel about your gun grab. It is wrong and it is, as you WELL KNOW, unconstitutional."

My family live here and it would break my heart if I would have to leave the state. But I may have no choice if I am going to live peaceably with no further attacks on my liberties. California is a socialist state as is the state of New York. Both states have draconian laws already and among the most expensive states to live in. Raising the minimum wage to $22 an hour, as stated by Pelosi won't make the state any more affordable either. How can a supposedly educated person even think that would work? All that would do is make everything so expensive NO ONE can live - we'd all be street people eating out of trash cans. What a lame idea. It is an embarrassment that she speaks for California.

California and New York both are not family friendly or business-friendly. I don't blame businesses and families from leaving our state and moving to Texas. Right now, it seems like a very good idea.  Listen people, we MUST start making a lot of noise now or we will find ourselves unarmed and living in a communist nation.

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